REAP operates under a Board of Directors and has standing Committees and Task Forces that oversee the execution of the annual work plan.

Executive Committee

Chair: Mayor Shelley Hansel, Wellington

The Executive Committee assists the Chair in developing agenda items, policy issues, or administrative matters presented to the Board of Directors, handling special tasks and assignments as determined by the Board of Directors and Chair. The Executive Committee has the authority to act on behalf of the Board of Directors on items requiring action between regular meetings of the Board. Additionally, the Committee monitors adherence to the fiscal procedures of REAP.

Legislative Committee

Chair: City Manager Bob Myers, Newton

The Legislative Committee identifies and monitors legislative issues of regional concern and recommends to the Board legislative action at the state or federal level. The Committee organizes the annual Legislative Policy Summit held in December.


Technical Advisory Committee

Chair: City Manager Ty Lasher, Bel Aire

The Technical Advisory Committee consists of the professional administrative and management staff of the local jurisdictions, such as City/County Managers, Administrators, and Clerks. The Committee advises the Board of Directors and Executive Committee on issues of policy, procedure, annual work plan outcomes.

Transportation Task Force

Chair: Commissioner Dave Unruh, Sedgwick County

The Transportation Task Force develops and coordinates transportation systems, resources, and funding opportunities with the Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO) and surrounding communities. The Task Force provides analysis of current transportation issues in coordination with local, regional, and state transportation planning processes. For more information on WAMPO, please visit