Founded in 1997, twenty-seven cities signed the first Intergovernmental Agreements forming the South Central Regional Council of Governments. In 1998 the Council adopted the name Regional Economic Area Partnership (REAP), while adopting a structure for operations under official bylaws, assessments, and a one-year work plan.

In 2006 REAP redeveloped its bylaws and created a new Interlocal Agreement that was officially approved by the Office of the Kansas Attorney General. Today, REAP is comprised of twenty-six city and county governments in a nine county region in South Central Kansas.

For the past twenty years, REAP has worked diligently on behalf of South Central Kansans on issues of affordable airfares, workforce development, water supply, highway funding, and transportation, emphasizing the South Central Kansas region to state and national elected officials, speaking with one voice on key issues that cross traditional political boundaries.

“REAP views governmental cooperation as an essential step in the expansion of our regional economy. In the most elemental sense, that is why REAP was formed- to build trust, appreciation, and understanding between communities so that regional cooperation, for the benefit of our regional economy can be achieved”.

~ Representative (Former Augusta Mayor) Kristey Williams, Past Chair